Why are we really on lockdown?

Why are we really on lockdown?

Just yesterday the president of Nigeria, President Buhari addressed Nigerians, extending the lockdown by 14 more days. We know that anxiety is increasing day by day and uncertainty lingers but this decision seems to be the best one so far. Let’s explain why the lockdown is necessary.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has informed us that the COVID-19 virus is spread primarily through body fluids of an infected person hence, the need to sanitize and wash our hands regularly, disinfect surfaces, avoid touching our faces and keep a safe distance from one another. The big question really is: If we keep moving everywhere, how long can we remain protected from the virus seeing that there are chances that we would come in contact with an infected person(s) as we go about our day?

If we really are truthful to ourselves in answering this question, we will begin to see every reason to cooperate with the federal government by staying at home which seems to be the best option for us to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus.

Imagine the difference it would make when you decide to stay at home – you are contributing your own quota by reducing the cases of the Coronavirus infection; you are increasing peace of mind for those in your community.

In the case that you run out of essential items like toiletries, foodstuffs or cash, remember that Credit Direct is here to help you with our loans which you can access in less than 24 hours – we won’t rest our oars in spreading peace of mind even in the face of a pandemic.

We will beat this, we are more than able but we will achieve this by first staying at home, and staying safe.

Share this with as many people as you can, spread Peace of Mind with us.

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