Tips for managing and resolving conflict

Conflict is inevitable. It is impossible for two people to always agree on everything. The earlier one realizes that conflict is a normal part of any relationship, the better. The most important thing is to learn how to resolve it in a healthy way. Not being able to manage conflict tends to cause great harm in any relationship. But when it is managed in a positive way, it strengthens the bond in any relationship.

Below are some tips to guide you on how to manage and resolve conflict;

  • Prioritize resolving conflict rather than winning or “being right”

Maintaining and strengthening the relationship, rather than “winning” the argument, should always be your first priority. Be respectful of the other person and their viewpoint.

  • Be focused on the present

If you still hold on to grudges based on past conflicts, you won’t be able to see the reality of the current situation. Instead of looking to the past and assigning blame, focus on the present and what you can do to solve the problem.

  • Know when to let something go

If you can’t come to an agreement, agree to disagree. It takes two people to keep an argument going. If a conflict is going nowhere, you can choose to disengage and move on.

  • Listen for what is felt as well as said

When you really listen, you connect more deeply to your own needs and emotions, and to those of other people. Listening also strengthens, informs, and makes it easier for others to hear you when it’s your turn to speak.

  • Be willing to forgive

Resolving conflict is impossible if you’re unwilling or unable to forgive others. Resolution lies in releasing the urge to punish, which can serve only to deplete and drain your life.

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Cash flow During Difficult Business Cycle

The cliché Cash is King has never been so apt as now, the Corona Virus Pandemic has distorted revenue pipelines and starved business of cash to execute projects, almost tending to bankruptcy for some.

Business owners understand that cash is the lifeblood of an enterprise routine operational activities such as purchasing supplies, paying salaries, and paying bills depend on its availability

Cash flow refers to the total amount of money that is generated and expended by a business and determines the liquidity of the organization.

For small and medium businesses, the ability to generate sufficient cash and manage liquidity will be a deciding factor in whether it survives the shock and aftershock of the difficult economic cycle caused by the pandemic.

During economic downturns, cash flow generation might be limited due to the drop in sales or revenue, disruption in supply-chain, large inventories tying down cash, and growing receivables. More precarious is the fact that banks and other lenders become more cautious in the grant of credit to business at such times to ensure the preservation of the depositor’s funds from high-risk ventures.

Small and Medium Scale businesses taking the foregoing into consideration must implement certain strategic cash management measures to keep them afloat during this period.

Identify the Income generation and expenditure points

Sources of cash are those activities that are cash-generating and the use of cash is the ones that reduce the money in the business. For E.g.  Credit from Customers is a source of cash generation while an example of a use of cash is the purchase of a van for the business.

Understanding how cash comes into and leaves your business will help you decide how to restructure activities to keep liquidity robust enough to support operations. In the instance above, the firm owner can decide to delay the purchase of the van and leverage credit from suppliers to generate the cash it needs or conserve its cash buffers.

Carry out a risk assessment to business cash flow

After mapping out cash inflow and outflow in the day-to-day running of the business, owners and managers need to understand the various types of risk to their cash flow that they face. The risk to the liquidity position of a business can emanate from shocks to revenue, high-cost structures, “too early” settlement of obligations, and debtors that are slow in clearing out their liability to the business.

These challenges must be ranked in a way that reflects their probabilities and likely impact on the firm. By doing this, the business has an airtight framework to help in designing a strategy that will limit their risk of going-under due to insufficient funds.

When it is the case that slow sales are stifling cash inflow, the business can seek out other revenue streams to keep money coming in. Businesses into perfume production that shifted to the production of sanitizers is a clear instance of how practical and helpful this step is.

Next, if it is a problem of the cost burden, then those businesses can work to delay the settlement of those obligations and digitize some of their processes to reduce their expenses.

On the other hand, there is no one way to deal with the problem of receivables that have been delayed. The business owner can try to negotiate incentives like a discount to encourage debtors to pay early.

Keep an eye on your Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC)

Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) is the number of days it takes for a business to convert its investments in inventory into cash. Investopedia defines it as how fast a company can convert cash on hand into more cash on hand.

CCC is the sum of the days it takes to sell your inventories (Inventory Days on Hand) and get back receivables (Days of Sales Outstanding) minus the days it takes to settle Payables (Days of Payables Outstanding).

Keeping accounting technicalities out, the logic is that if it takes lesser days to sell inventories and get back money owed to the business while it takes the firm more days to pay suppliers, the shorter their CCC would be – which is a good thing since they can put that cash back to use.

Secure supply chain

A major cash flow risk to businesses is the disruption to their supply chain which affects revenue-generation or leads to a spike in cost if the firms must replace suppliers at unfavorable terms.

Businesses need to secure their input supply by ensuring that if their suppliers are in distress already, they have mapped out alternatives to ensure their own operation is not jeopardized.

Factoring Government intervention

Businesses can also explore other financing options to inject more cash into their operations. We have several options like government grants or relief funds are often under-explored by businesses and another option is for businesses to factor in their account receivables.


Tips to control your Spending Habits

Some people are in debts and are struggling to save money for the things they really want. No matter how hard they try to save money, it is just never enough. Even after getting promoted at work and start earning more, they always think that could fix their problems, but they still find themselves in such situation and they ask themselves; why? Well, the problem is not about how much you earn or have but your spending habits.

It is not going to be an easy task but with hard work, it is possible and the number one step is your willingness to change.
Below are some insightful tips on how to control your spending habits.

1. Ask Questions: Many of us are fond of not assessing our purchases and almost everyone is guilty of this. Assessing your purchases is more important when you are about to buy something. Also, we do impulse buying i.e., buying things not planned for. Impulse can make us buy things we will regret as we only think about the consequences afterwards. So, it is therefore very important to ask yourself; why am I buying this thing? When you ask this question, you are immediately reflecting about it.
Say for example, you want to buy a car. You ask yourself, why am I buying a new car? What is wrong with the one I am currently driving? Majority of the times we ask ourselves questions like this, who do not always find a decent reason for wanting to buy it.

2. Have a Budget: Creating and having a budget forces us to think about every purchase we make. Your budget can be daily, weekly, or monthly. When creating a budget, it is better to assign it to something meaningful to you. When you do this, you will be able to stop your meaningless and unnecessary purchases to keep within the budget and achieve whatever your goals are.

3. Willingness to change: You cannot be doing the same thing repeatedly and expect different results, it is not possible. One the main causes of some people’s financial problems is their unwillingness to change their lifestyle. You cannot be living an extravagant lifestyle and expect not to one day be faced with financial issues. It is not going to be easy but your willingness to change is surely a major step in curbing this.

Dealing Effectively With Financial Stress

Having to deal with money worries can be frustrating. Financial problems can take a huge toll on your mental and physical health, your relationships, and your overall quality of life. Feeling beaten down by money worries can adversely impact your sleep, self-esteem, and energy levels. It can leave you feeling angry, ashamed, or fearful, fuel tension and arguments with those closest to you, exacerbate pain and mood swings, and even increase your risk of depression and anxiety. You may resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as drinking, abusing drugs, or gambling to try to escape your worries. Whatever your circumstances, there are ways to get through these tough economic times, ease stress and anxiety, and regain control of your finances. 

A.     Plan and stick to it: Just as financial stress can be caused by a wide range of different money problems, so there are an equally wide range of possible solutions. The plan to address your specific problem could be to live within a tighter budget, curb your online spending, and so on.

B.     Create a monthly budget: Whatever your plan to relieve your financial problems, setting and following a monthly budget can help keep you on track and regain your sense of control.

C.     Manage your overall stress: Resolving financial problems tends to involve small steps that reap rewards over time. In the current economic climate, it is unlikely your financial difficulties will disappear overnight. But that does not mean you cannot take steps right away to ease your stress levels and find the energy and peace of mind to better deal with challenges in the long-term.

D.    Take inventory of your finances: If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you may think you can ease your stress by leaving bills unopened, avoiding phone calls from creditors, or ignoring bank and credit card statements. But denying the reality of your situation will only make things worse in the long run. The first step to devising a plan to solve your money problems is to detail your income, debt, and spending over the course of at least one month.

E.     Talk to someone: When you are facing money problems, there is often a strong temptation to bottle everything up and try to go it alone. Many of us even consider money a taboo subject, one not to be discussed with others. You may feel awkward about disclosing the amount you earn or spend, feel shame about any financial mistakes you have made, or embarrassed about not being able to provide for your family. But bottling things up will only make your financial stress worse. In the current economy, where many people are struggling through no fault of their own, you will likely find others are far more understanding of your problems.

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Open Collaboration Meets Professionalism – A Tour of the CDL facility

Sequel to the official inauguration of our Corporate Head Head in Lagos, Tech Africa Team visited the office for a tour on the facility. They were introduced to different divisions and Units in the company including a visit to the Ladi Balogun Theatre. The facility has all the amenities of work space that encourages work life balance. A state of the art gym and relaxation lounge.

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Rules to handling your personal finances

A hungry man is an angry man, same applies to a wealthy man is a happy man; Your financial situation reflects your total well-being and how best you perform depends largely on how well you take care of yourself. The same way you take care of your body is the same way you are expected to take care of your finances and this should be a priority of your thoughts.

We all have our ways of life and directions in handling things. We grew up with habits defined by our cultural lines but when it comes to finances, there are standards that we all live by. Just like you have regular checkups and dates with the doctors you should also have time to reflect on your financial health. There is structure in financial management and there are a lot of things to do to ensure we stay financial literate. We have laid out 4 basic personal finance rules that can guide you on starting out:

Getting multiple streams of income

Back in the day it was strange to have multiple streams of income. People were ok with just one job and all that came from it. Your salary was just enough to sustain you all month but the truth is there is no security in one stream of income. The economy is tight and it makes it almost difficult to sustain on one income. You should therefore set up a side business that would support your regular income. This can help you fund your lifestyle and hey! if you need a loan for it, Credit Direct Quick cash Loans have you all covered.

Your Salary and Your savings are totally different

Your salary is what you get paid when you meet the set expectations of your employer but your savings is what pays you. You work today so you can get paid, so also you save today so your future is secure. No matter how you procrastinate, your lack of savings today would dent your happiness in future; It would always certainly catch up with you. Imagine how you would have to explain to your children in future how you failed to save. The key to financial security is setting aside a certain portion of your salary now and planning for the future


“Birds of a feather flock together”… If you hang around loose spenders, you would end up with holes in your pockets. Cut your coat according to your cloth. It means live within your means. No matter how you try to fake it, you are not it. If you know you cannot afford a particular lifestyle then you must not continue faking it cos you would end up in debt and attendant issues. Don’t live for others, never stress to impress anyone and always stay in touch with reality.

Impulse buying

A lot of us are guilty of this. We buy what we want and not what we need. Some people have 4 sets of the same shoe type in different colours. Most of us rush to buying expensive “Aso ebi” for weddings when we really don’t need them. We live to impress people daily and end up running down our finances. To manage your finances, you need to reduce spontaneous buying to its barest minimum.

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What Do You Know About Quick Loans…. 1

While applying for a loan from a bank, it’s essential that you know certain information, both for personal awareness and so you can educate other potential borrowers.

A loan may be considered as a sum of money advanced by one or more individuals, organizations and/or other entities to other individuals, organizations or entities to enable them meet certain planned or unplanned events. The borrower is often required to pay back the loan, usually along with interest charged over a stipulated period. Most of the time, the lender bears the risk that the borrower may not repay a loan even though this risk is often skillfully managed.

There are several types of loans given by various financial institutions and these may be Secured loans or unsecured loans.

Secured loans are protected by collateral that serve as a guarantee for the loan amount. Valuable assets are put up as collateral and these assets serve as security in case of a default.  A borrower may consequently place a home or other property as leverage to guarantee that they will repay the loan at the agreed duration and the lender puts a lien on those assets until repayment is done. If the borrower defaults on the loan payments, the lender can claim the collateral and sell it to recoup the loss. This is why when you apply for a secured loan the lender will want to identify which of your valuable assets you plan to put up as collateral.

Unsecured loans on the other hand are loans that do not involve any assets as collateral or security. They are mostly personal loans, quick loans and short-term loan which have no guarantees attached to them. Such loans are usually given on the basis of a borrower’s credit record and financial position. As these loans are without collateral, some financial institutions do not venture into them and for those who do, the approval process for such unsecured loan are typically lengthy, but definitely not with CDL.

Some eligibility criteria considered before you can access unsecured loans of your preferred amount are your credit score, the authenticity of your employment and other documents applicable to the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy.

It is also advisable that while considering a loan facility you make sure the institution providing such a loan has Payment Protection Insurance. This ensures the principal repayment of your loan in the event of any unforeseen circumstances so that no burden is passed down to your Next of Kin. Credit Direct Limited has this adequately covered on all our loan packages. The family of a loan beneficiary receives an amount as part of this legitimate claim if the borrower dies before the loan is fully repaid and such a loan is also fully cancelled.

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Watch out for the 2nd Part in the coming week.



Learn How and When to Take Loans

Sometimes we simply get overwhelmed by our numerous responsibilities and cannot control our personal financial needs which is why we take loans from friends, family members, financial institutions etc. – and as financial integrity demands, we should return what we have borrowed. All the same, there are factors that you might want to consider when taking loans.

  1. Liquid Asset/Available Money

The first thing to consider is how much you currently have (readily available) and how much will you continue to have (again, readily available) over the period of time it will take to repay the debts. This is usually influenced by the flow of money from your sources of income. It is important to know how much cash you have or will have at hand, because your available money will affect the debt repayment plan.

  1. Understand the Terms of the Loan

Every Legal Agreement comes with its rules and guidelines. It is important that you fully understand
the terms of your loans – and not just understand them but be faithful to them. Don’t assume but instead recognize where there are penalties for some actions. Keeping to the terms encourages your lenders to trust you and in turn, improves your chances of collecting another loan in the future.

  1. A Repayment Plan

In movies, every spectacular jailbreak or elaborate sting operation begins with the famous white board. A game plan. The need for a repayment plan cannot be exaggerated. It might require some strategizing and negotiation, but by all means create a way to pay your debt back.

A repayment plan helps ease you into repaying your debts. If you agree to spread the repayment over six months and you realize that you will be unable to keep up, it’s better for you to renegotiate the plan rather than to put yourself under pressure only to defer your payments. Loan agreements are like promises, and no one likes unfulfilled promises.

  1. Other Financial Obligations

Your debts do not cancel out the existence of other financial obligations, such as the kids’ school fees, monthly bills etc. While clearing off your debts, don’t leave your other financial responsibilities hanging. Also plan for them and prioritise them into your debt repayment plan. Sometimes, you can even take loans to help fulfil such obligations like school fees loans, cash loans etc. In conclusion, it’s always good practice to repay your debts. It is never advisable to collect loans without sticking to the agreement made with the lender.


  1. COLLATERAL FREE LOANS- Our loans are without collateral’s, it means we do not ask for your car, your landed properties or your mother’s birth certificates. You can take a loan and not lose any of your belongings.
  2. NO PRE-LIQUIDATION CHARGE- When you take our loans, you can liquidate at any time and not face any charges as we do not have any penal charges on your loans. You can walk into our branches at any time, liquidate and smile out.
  3. NO ACCOUNT OPENING- You do not need to open any special account or transfer your salary account to us before we grant you a loan. We accept any account that has been serviced over a 12 month period.
  4. QUICK TURN AROUND TIME- within hours of complete documentation, you would receive your payment. We boast of exceptional customer service that follows you all through your loan tenure.
  5. INSURANCE- All Credit Direct Limited loans are fully insured and so you are immune against issues arising from job loss or death. Another reason why you need to contact us today.

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Save Money As You Get Credit

A lot of people get unsecured loans and still don’t have enough to repay or live on. They get into debt even after the pay-day and sometimes don’t have enough for repayment.  It’s been a major problem and debts keep increasing. We give loans without collateral at and care about our client’s financial life.

Major questions asked are, how do I pay my repayment for the “no collateral loan” I collected, cover my daily expenses, have enough to save and yet gain more interest on my money? Saving is a good way out.

Of all the money you make, you can save some to keep for yourself, spend some, while you also have enough for your repayment. Remember, only the money you save is yours to keep. The money spent on things goes to the people from whom you buy.

A savings account is a type of bank account where you securely deposit your money and wait for it to earn you interest. A lot of Savings accounts require that you open an account and constantly make deposits into that account. You can even earn interests on their investments over a specific period.

Here are a few benefits of running a savings account:

  1. The more money you add to your savings account, the more you earn in interest. You deposit your money and, after watching the principal ‘grow’ for a while, the increase over the original amount is yours to keep!
  2. A good savings attitude can help you earn a good credit score. A good credit score indicates that you are able to repay your loan on time and perform other financial obligations. A bad credit score on the other hand, indicates you are unable to pay your bills on time and this can prevent lenders from giving you a loan or attract high interest rates.
  3. When repayment of all unsecured loans are to be made, it wouldn’t be a burden. Defaulting on payments or paying your monthly dues late will do you no good at all, it’s therefore important to have a few cash saved to avoid a default. You might want to take some of that savings and pay down your loans.
  4. Your savings can serve as a fall back solution during financial emergencies. It’s always important to have money in the bank for when “something” happens.
  5. If you have a substantial amount of money in your savings account, you can take it out of your savings account and earn more money with it by investing the money in a Fixed Deposit account.
  6. The savings account will help you build a solid cash base for the future. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is no way to live a healthy financial life.
  7. Also, if you do not have a credit history and want to get access to a pay-day loan, you can use a good savings deposit as a social capital to secure the loan or to assure lenders that you can make repayments when due.

We at care about you and, we want you to have a healthy financial life.

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My NYSC Business Story

So I was a fresh graduate. I’m about going for NYSC and  needed to boost my employability rate. I really didn’t have the job experience expected, but while on campus, I contested for elections – and won, held leadership roles in my fellowship and department. Some months before I started my youth service, I applied for an internship position at many large organizations but got rejected. Reality dawned on me, I had few job options, it’s either I go for masters, a top up degree after service was over, run my own business or stay jobless.


During the first month of my service year (on camp), A lot of companies came to talk about their services and one of these was Empower the corps ( a product of Credit Direct Limited, (Nigeria’s Number Collateral free loans company) They give loan without collateral and they said they can help us run a small business during NYSC with a startup fund of up to 100k. Although the duration of the NYSC was one year, it didn’t matter much to me, I just wanted to gain some business experience, get me busy, increase my ability to get a job post-NYSC and increase my earning during my service year.


During SAED while on camp, I’d learnt how to make beautiful hair styles and give guys a very good haircut. 2 weeks post Camp at my PPA, I discussed with my hair specialist at home and became more acquainted with the business. All I needed now was a quick available cash to startup something at the Local Government I was posted to. I remembered Credit Direct LTD, called them (01-4482225) and was told to apply online.


As at the 3rd month, I applied for a loan online at attached all needed document and communicated with an agent. All this was done and completed online. Within a few hours, I got the “kpan kpan” on my phone. It was a credit alert from Empower The corps. My joy knew no bound. J J


I immediately called my hair specialist at home for support. He gave me some quick hints and …swoosh… I went into action. I got a small space close to the corpers lodged, bought a small generator of N11,000, a good electronic sterilizer to treat clippers after use and a comfortable revolving chair where customers will sit on. I got a good local carpenter to fix a table cabinet and chairs where other waiting customers can seat at an affordable price. I also bought a good standard mirror as well.


The returns per week was whao!! I was 3times richer that other corps member. I trained a few others and did a Free Hairdo Projects for Secondary School Students (FHPSSS) as a state project (this actually got a state recognition from the state government).

2 Years down the line, I currently work with a multinational firm and this was secured via a referral from that Hairdo community project I did. My business is still actively booming as I was able to fixup one of the community student to continue the business and I get weekly returns. All this thanks to Credit Direct for the sharp! sharp!! money I got.

I currently have a stable income job that I can use to get a pay-day loan at any time and a young booming business.


I’ll tell other corps members to be reminded that you don’t have to be a professional to start a business (might not be a barbing salon). You need the determination, learn a skill and don’t forget to have a mentor on that business to call on when advices are needed.


If you desire to a quick loan in the business, call Credit Direct 0700CREDITDIRECT or visit their website. Discuss with them and ensure you all agree all conclusions.