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Responsible Lending As A Credit Risk Management Strategy

The principles of responsible lending became popular after the infamous United States subprime mortgage crisis which occurred between 2007 and 2010 but had been introduced earlier in some countries like the United Kingdom. The crisis itself was caused by sharp decline in home prices but made worse by a housing bubble driven by the proliferation […]

Develop a Saving Culture

Set your Goals: At the beginning of each month, set your target savings goal and be clear with them, ensure to define the pathway to it. Be specific with timelines and ensure they are realistic in every sense of it. While there would be distractions everywhere, please ensure to be diligent with your set goals. […]

Rules to handling your personal finances

A hungry man is an angry man, same applies to a wealthy man is a happy man; Your financial situation reflects your total well-being and how best you perform depends largely on how well you take care of yourself. The same way you take care of your body is the same way you are expected […]

What Do You Know About Quick Loans…. 1

While applying for a loan from a bank, it’s essential that you know certain information, both for personal awareness and so you can educate other potential borrowers. A loan may be considered as a sum of money advanced by one or more individuals, organizations and/or other entities to other individuals, organizations or entities to enable them meet certain planned or unplanned events. The borrower is often required to pay back the loan, usually along with interest charged […]