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Financial Planning for Couples

When it comes to finances, there’s usually an argument in respect to whether your partner should be entangled in your finances. Talking about money with your partner is often perceived as a taboo however reverse is the case and having such conversation can lead to a better marriage. Survey has shown that divorce cases are […]

Surviving The 90Days Of January

Thank you for an awesome 2022, and we welcome you to a new year of huge wins and accomplishments! At Credit Direct, we are excited that you have another year to build and grow financially with us. We have quite a lot to unveil to you this year and we honestly can’t wait. We at […]

Things A Loan Can Be Used For

Human needs and wants vary and so do reasons for taking a loan. However, it’s important to define your loan purpose clearly and align it with the right lender as this can make a big difference in your overall satisfaction with your loan experience. Before taking out a loan, you need to ask yourself the […]

It’s The Weekend, Try These…..

Hello Fam, Lemme guess, you must be thinking what is it again this Saturday afternoon, why I’m I receiving yet another email from my beloved lender? Well…. Please be at peace, we are not here to sell to you again, well we would love to as that’s why we have you on our mailing list […]

Taking a Loan? you need to know these details

Access to loans has become much easier in the current times, thanks to the emergence of new technology. There are a few things you need to know before taking a loan. The loan process has become more simplified and now without any paperwork or collateral, one can apply for a loan from the comfort of […]