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CoronaVirus: Implications For Business.

As economies reopen, many companies decide to combine remote work with time within the office to urge the simplest mixture of productivity and collaboration. But with employees feeling anxious and burned out, getting the balance of the new hybrid model right is critical. A survey was carried out by Mckinsey of over 2,000 employees to […]

How to save money during uncertain times.

How do you save money during uncertain times? Maybe you enjoy collectibles or owning the newest tech devices. If your purchase doesn’t cause you to money supported the quantity that you simply spent, then buying it during times of uncertainty won’t be the simplest choice. You are on top of things about how to save […]

Why You Should Apply For a Personal Loan

Personal loans are unsecured loans given with zero collateral and may be used for several purposes.  However, the best part is that unlike secured home loans, car loans, or education loans, personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes. Below are some circumstances to guide you on why you should apply for a […]

Covid-19 and its effect on the Nigerian economy

People build a nation and people build an economy. What this means is that once the general wellbeing of a group of people is threatened, it’s the ability to function effectively is questionable. We are having a glimpse of how disastrous this pandemic can be for the world if left unchecked. Nigeria is a developing […]

How to save during a lockdown

Do you remember that popular song, “Enugbe, mo need owo”? ( It’s a Yoruba statement from Nigeria which means “I am cashless, I need money!”). This is a song normally sung by those who seem to have run out of cash, this, unfortunately, is the case for many people right now but we want to […]

How to prepare for life after Covid-19

Culture, we have learned, is the way of life of a people. Every tribe, region, state and country around the world has its own culture but with the advent of the Coronavirus, the whole world has unwittingly or out of necessity subscribed to a common culture – we find ourselves doing similar things like staying […]