Surviving The 90Days Of January

JanuaryThank you for an awesome 2022, and we welcome you to a new year of huge wins and accomplishments!

At Credit Direct, we are excited that you have another year to build and grow financially with us. We have quite a lot to unveil to you this year and we honestly can’t wait. We at CDL live to make your life easier and to help you find some more happiness in your every day.

And with that welcome to January; the month with several months. January popularly known as the toughest month of the year is notorious for being the longest month for so many, especially salary earners.

Of course, January isn’t regarded as the longest month because it magically has more than 31 days simply because it comes immediately after the festive season. We all went all out in December from the parties to concerts and raves, we took the phrase “You only live once” to a new height and now most people will experience what is called a “spending hangover” during this period.

Don’t worry, during the holidays I took time to actually look for ways in which January can be easier for us all. You are welcome!

Let’s get started.

  • Be Accountable; Now trust me, no matter how little you might have, it’s actually enough to carry you through January. All you need to do is actually become more accountable for your spending and cut down on excesses. Now is not the time to engage those New Year sales on IG. It might seem like a good deal now but the truth is, there’ll always be sales.
  • Budget and allocate: Now is actually a great time to sit back and take a moment to set some good financial goals that would help you achieve your overall goal for the year. Building up a budget cannot be overemphasized as it would cost to achieve your small and large goals. Budgeting would help you manage your money, limit impulsive splurges and excesses, and help you achieve your overall goal.
  • Who doesn’t love DIYs: DIY – Do it yourself! A secret most people don’t know is that January is the ultimate DIY season. There’s no better time to become creative with how you spend and the things you spend on. From food to repairs to outfits to even laundry, as long as it’s within your ability, then take control. What’s that saying again? There’s food at home.
  • Educate yourself: It’s the beginning of a new year so there’s no better time to learn how to achieve more with your money. Learn from successful people who have mastered the art of making their money work for them.
  • Seek help: In reality, not everyone would be able to tide through this month without external help. But that should not become an issue if you find yourself in this category as Credit Direct will always be by your side. We offer personal loans with competitive interest rates to help salary earners sort the bills when they become overwhelming.

Now, let’s go conquer January and the year at large together! Cheers to a joyful and healthy 2023 for you and your loved ones.

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