It’s The Weekend, Try These…..

Hello Fam,

Lemme guess, you must be thinking what is it again this Saturday afternoon, why I’m I receiving yet another email from my beloved lender? Well…. Please be at peace, we are not here to sell to you again, well we would love to as that’s why we have you on our mailing list … lol but nope that the last thig on our mind today… we are here to check in on you… how is your Saturday going? What are you up to? The weekend is here.. what do you do?

Saturdays are for rest trust me you need it even in the most torturous times where our country is at the moment, we all need to rest mentally although a little more sleep and a little slumber and the proverbial poverty comes in… but as Nigerians we would loudly say… abeg.. I can’t come and kill myself.

So, you beloved company that has your best interest at heart is here to check in on you and tell you that the best times to have vital rest is the weekend. We have toiled from Monday to Friday tilling the earth, well literarily and find the treasures that we all seek, so what more to do today than rest. We are here to tell you some ways to rest.

  • Bond with Family- Schools are on long holidays, well I’m not sure of this is good news as I read online yesterday a lady complained bitterly saying she has become a judge to over 100 cases since she came home, she was shocked the house which she spent million on interior décor would look like the amazon forest of Brazil, but that’s the reason why we work for those tiny soldiers, to have the best life and relax in their natural habitat. These children are our pride, our joy and most of all our future. Let us spend more time with them this weekend, there’s nothing wrong with judging 100 cases or more but ensure to be impartial. Cook for them, tell them about your childhood.
  • Go out with your spouse- the most you have seen your spouse are the few minutes before work and when you come in late, this about the time to catch up with what’s happening in their life well you are free to discuss Nigeria and how the dollar is racing against what we really can’t tell. So, it’s a good time to plan for tomorrow as the times seems hard.
  • Go watch a movie – Driving out together and having a chat has proven to reduce depression in over 45% adults and helps to reduce divorce in over 25% marriages. We don’t know about these statistics, but we can urge you to try driving out and catching a movie to see if unresolved issues would be closed out. If it works, then maybe we can open another business in CDL.. lol
  • Cook together- Sharing they say is caring, lets see how best you can share the kitchen, be careful though there are sharp objects around so if you know you easily get claustrophobic when someone is around you, please walk away, but cooking together helps to create more bond according to several research.
  • Attend Service together- for our Christian folks while we know you can do this online now especially after the pandemic, we recommend you drive as a family to church, the process of dressing up together, eating breakfast as a family and driving to church gives a level of fulfillment. Yeah a high level of happiness we suggest you try it.
  • Stay away from Social media- Take a break from social media, recall this is practically a family bonding time so your phone should be on break for the next few days, while you can have phone breaks inbetween to check if that boss has sent you a message, yes we know them,… I mean those restless bosses who love work…. Lol but that what pays the bills. So check at intervals and know how best to balance it all.

With all these said, the list is not exhaustive, we have just dropped a few here as guide, please do what works for you but in all try and have a good rest, bond with your family, and gain the love and trust of your spouse.

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We didn’t mean to bother you but what’s caring without doing it, I mean we enable Peace of Mind.

Happy Weekend Fam.



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