How to identify a Lagosian

Hello Fam, how has your week been? Have you gotten over the sallah holiday fever? From those who were magnanimous to share their stories, we know those who hopped from party to party eating up all available fried ram meat that has either fallen from the cooler or still steaming out of the hot bubbly oil that begs for help from the fire done beneath. This made up part of the story we heard over and over as we resumed. Some people came to work with paper wraps of fried meat, cold, hot, warm and some half eaten.

Back to our topic, what really makes us Lagosians?  Could it be our culture? The traffic? The noisy streets? The massive yellow-coloured vehicles beneath the bridge? Or the serene neighborhood of the elites?

well maybe, just maybe, but nothing defines us like our attitude. Lagosians are outstanding, bold, courageous, fierce, amazing, talented, and resilient people.

Who else can struggle in traffic over a tiny space yet lend the next person a fire extinguisher when his car has a spark?

Who can sit together in church yet shout on each other in traffic just after the service is over?

Do you know anyone who can turn a bad situation into a contagious laugh?
Tell me who else can look at an impossible circumstance, and say bring it on?

Let us say it to you clearly….. Only Lagosians!

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