How to identify a Lagosian

Hello Fam, how has your week been? Have you gotten over the sallah holiday fever? From those who were magnanimous to share their stories, we know those who hopped from party to party eating up all available fried ram meat that has either fallen from the cooler or still steaming out of the hot bubbly oil that begs for help from the fire done beneath. This made up part of the story we heard over and over as we resumed. Some people came to work with paper wraps of fried meat, cold, hot, warm and some half eaten.

Back to our topic, what really makes us Lagosians?  Could it be our culture? The traffic? The noisy streets? The massive yellow-coloured vehicles beneath the bridge? Or the serene neighborhood of the elites?

well maybe, just maybe, but nothing defines us like our attitude. Lagosians are outstanding, bold, courageous, fierce, amazing, talented, and resilient people.

Who else can struggle in traffic over a tiny space yet lend the next person a fire extinguisher when his car has a spark?

Who can sit together in church yet shout on each other in traffic just after the service is over?

Do you know anyone who can turn a bad situation into a contagious laugh?
Tell me who else can look at an impossible circumstance, and say bring it on?

Let us say it to you clearly….. Only Lagosians!

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Debt-to-Income Ratio

What Is Your DTI Ratio?

A debt-to-income ratio may be a measurement of your monthly income compared to your debt payments. Lenders often use this ratio to work out your creditworthiness. When you have much extra income monthly, you’re more likely to qualify for a loan.

Learn how the debt-to-income ratio works, and how to calculate the ratio.

Definition and Examples

The debt-to-income ratio calculation shows how much of your debt payments consume your monthly income. This information helps both you and lenders figure out how easy it is for you to afford monthly expenses. Along with your credit scores, your debt-to-income ratio is a crucial factor for getting approved for a loan.
A debt-to-income ratio also referred to as a DTI ratio, is quoted as a percentage. Let’s look at this example, you would possibly have a debt-to-income ratio of 25%, meaning one-quarter of your monthly income goes toward debt repayment. If your income is N4,000 per month, 25% of that might be N1,000 of total monthly debt payments.

How Do You Calculate Debt-to-Income Ratio?

To calculate the debt-to-income ratio, add all monthly debt payments, then divide the monthly debt payments by your monthly gross income.

DTI = Debt Payments / Gross Income

The monthly income (gross) utilized within the calculation equals your monthly payments before deductions.

How Your It Works

A debt-to-income ratio helps loan companies evaluate your ability to repay loans.
Assume your monthly gross income is N30,000. You have an automobile loan payment of N20,000. Here is how to calculate your current debt-to-income ratio:

Divide the entire of your monthly payments (N20,000) into your gross income:N20,000 debt payments / N30,000 gross income = .67 or 67% DTI ratio. Now, assume you continue to earn N30,000 per month gross, and your lender wants your DTI ratio to be below 43%.

What is the utmost you ought to be spending on debt each month?

Multiply your income (gross) by the target DTI ratio: N30,000 gross income x 43% target ratio = N12,900 or less monthly target for debt payments.Total debt payments less than the target amount mean you’re more likely to urge approval for a loan.

Improving Your DTI Ratio

If a high DTI ratio prevents you from getting approved, you’ll take the subsequent steps to enhance your numbers:
• Clear pending debt: This logical step can reduce your debt-to-income ratio because you’ll have smaller or fewer monthly payments included in your ratio.
• Increase your income: Getting a raise or taking over additional work improves the income side of the equation and reduces your DTI ratio.
• Delay borrowing: If you recognize you’re getting to apply for a crucial loan, like a home equity credit, avoid taking over other debts. You can apply for extra loans after the foremost important purchases are funded.

Reopening your business – Post-Covid

Opening your business – Post-Covid

Reopening a business post-pandemic can be quite daunting and stressful, definitely not for the faint of heart: it requires energy, time, adequate planning, and—of course—money. Fortunately, we at Credit Direct Limited can offer you low-interest rates and emergency loans to help you with unexpected costs so you’ll efficiently reopen your business and switch your attention to your customers.

Taking out a loan always involves risk. But the COVID-19 pandemic heightened that risk for several businesses and lenders alike.

One thing is needless to say, and it’s that a loan does are available handy during unprecedented times like what we’ve seen during COVID-19. And businesses require them as a necessity to grow and operate. Maybe yours didn’t get hit as hard as others, but you still need to be proactive and prepare yourself against what’s ahead. And lenders are still issuing loans to provide assistance, offer relief, and meet the wants of small businesses


Post-pandemic customers aren’t as loyal as they want to be meaning you need to rethink the marketing strategy to attract new customers and while you retain your existing ones.

You can up your marketing strategy by employing a line of credit to:

• Rebranding the business to align with the modern trend in the industry and better position the brand for success.

• Form collaboration with other businesses within your industry niche to attract new customers.

• Embrace and utilize social media marketing, if you would like to extend your followers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. use your line of credit to require a category on “how to create engaging content”.

You can try cost-effective marketing moves first, but be prepared to use your line of credit to need your marketing strategy to a post-pandemic level.

Take Advantage of a Line of Credit

While there could even be guidelines for the reopening expenses your business could incur, there certainly isn’t a definitive roadmap. Reopening a business could also be a windy, twisty road crammed with unexpected bumps.