How does one consistently increase their creativity over their lifetime?

If you want to study the lives of the biggest artist, entrepreneurs, writers, and scientists, you will find out that those are invested almost whole time and energy in some area and the consequence of that lifestyle was creativity.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.

That is not just imagining, that is hard work, dedication, the time you spend in some field, dedication, persistence.

How to increase creativity?

CHOOSE THE FIELD OF YOUR CREATIVITY– and this is the lifelong journey, in which you need to dedicate yourself, this is more an ongoing process in which you are improving your skills and yourself as a person, but also you create better products. If you are disappointed in your results, you can lose your creativity, but that is the essence of creativity, no matter how hard that is you need to produce something even that is a bad product. If you stay dedicated, you will gain your creativity again.

INSPIRATION– if you wait for inspiration, you will lose your time and energy, but in many cases even life. Do not wait for inspiration, find inspiration in your practice, in your determination, and in your life. When you give your best, you will meet inspiration, but before that, you need to learn anything that you can learn and implement in your work.

RESISTANCE– if you do not have success or some positive outcome, you will have resistance to doing anything, and you will just stay passive. Do not allow yourself the luxury of being passive, prepare yourself for success, and through work, you will become more creative, and when you meet a good opportunity, you will be successful. Resistance is the major enemy of any creative personality, but you can overcome it if you do not overthink or overanalyze, just do your work and you will improve your creativity.

DO YOUR WORK– a creative person is a hard worker, without any excuses, they work without dedication and persistence, and after a while, they have success. Be patient because you will need it if you truly want to be creative.


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