Tips for managing and resolving conflict

Conflict is inevitable. It is impossible for two people to always agree on everything. The earlier one realizes that conflict is a normal part of any relationship, the better. The most important thing is to learn how to resolve it in a healthy way. Not being able to manage conflict tends to cause great harm in any relationship. But when it is managed in a positive way, it strengthens the bond in any relationship.

Below are some tips to guide you on how to manage and resolve conflict;

  • Prioritize resolving conflict rather than winning or “being right”

Maintaining and strengthening the relationship, rather than “winning” the argument, should always be your first priority. Be respectful of the other person and their viewpoint.

  • Be focused on the present

If you still hold on to grudges based on past conflicts, you won’t be able to see the reality of the current situation. Instead of looking to the past and assigning blame, focus on the present and what you can do to solve the problem.

  • Know when to let something go

If you can’t come to an agreement, agree to disagree. It takes two people to keep an argument going. If a conflict is going nowhere, you can choose to disengage and move on.

  • Listen for what is felt as well as said

When you really listen, you connect more deeply to your own needs and emotions, and to those of other people. Listening also strengthens, informs, and makes it easier for others to hear you when it’s your turn to speak.

  • Be willing to forgive

Resolving conflict is impossible if you’re unwilling or unable to forgive others. Resolution lies in releasing the urge to punish, which can serve only to deplete and drain your life.

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