Tips to control your Spending Habits

Some people are in debts and are struggling to save money for the things they really want. No matter how hard they try to save money, it is just never enough. Even after getting promoted at work and start earning more, they always think that could fix their problems, but they still find themselves in such situation and they ask themselves; why? Well, the problem is not about how much you earn or have but your spending habits.

It is not going to be an easy task but with hard work, it is possible and the number one step is your willingness to change.
Below are some insightful tips on how to control your spending habits.

1. Ask Questions: Many of us are fond of not assessing our purchases and almost everyone is guilty of this. Assessing your purchases is more important when you are about to buy something. Also, we do impulse buying i.e., buying things not planned for. Impulse can make us buy things we will regret as we only think about the consequences afterwards. So, it is therefore very important to ask yourself; why am I buying this thing? When you ask this question, you are immediately reflecting about it.
Say for example, you want to buy a car. You ask yourself, why am I buying a new car? What is wrong with the one I am currently driving? Majority of the times we ask ourselves questions like this, who do not always find a decent reason for wanting to buy it.

2. Have a Budget: Creating and having a budget forces us to think about every purchase we make. Your budget can be daily, weekly, or monthly. When creating a budget, it is better to assign it to something meaningful to you. When you do this, you will be able to stop your meaningless and unnecessary purchases to keep within the budget and achieve whatever your goals are.

3. Willingness to change: You cannot be doing the same thing repeatedly and expect different results, it is not possible. One the main causes of some people’s financial problems is their unwillingness to change their lifestyle. You cannot be living an extravagant lifestyle and expect not to one day be faced with financial issues. It is not going to be easy but your willingness to change is surely a major step in curbing this.


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