Tips On How To Stay Focused At Work

With the new normal in place, we have already lost some steam and it shows from the deliverable timelines. So, while we try our best to stay on track and keen to finish the tasks at hand, we are weary about distractions and how to combat them. You might be extremely busy when something suddenly comes up that takes the time you should be spending on priority tasks. It could be a chatty colleague, a boss with a less important task, a notification from your phone, a social media prompt, an impromptu meeting or, if you are working remote,  it could be kids or siblings playing or chatting around.

Continue like this and within 30 minutes you have lost track and you cannot remember where you left off and why you do not seem to get back on track.

This does not sound too far from what you really experience daily. Well we have put down a few tips on how to stay focused while working.

  • Get Rid of Distractions

Before you set out on the day’s tasks, you need to get rid of the distractions to get work done. A good way to do this would be to define specific “focus time” where you turn off all distractions and notifications on your phone, ignore anything that would make you lose focus. With this, you are more likely to have your work be your focus.

  • Get in the Mix

Getting in the mix starts with setting up a To Do list for the day and getting excited about the task at hand. Also, go after each task in order of priority and urgency. Try to accomplish all the important tasks first before you handle smaller tasks.

  • Set Timelines

It is likely that you already have official deadlines, it is always a good choice to set personal deadlines ahead of the official ones. This way, you are likely to work at a good pace and get more done before the official deadline.

  • Take organized Breaks

Working for too long without taking breaks can be exhausting. So, organize your breaks to keep you fresh and smart. Ensure to stretch your legs often. You could also do some desk stretches or chat briefly with a colleague. Take some time off to go on social media this helps boost your energy and increase your alertness levels.

  • Drink water eat healthy

Ensure to keep a water bottle close to ensure you drink water often. Do not wait till when you are starving to eat. This is necessary to keep you stronger and your energy levels high throughout the day. This would help keep your body and mind together while working.




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