COVID-19: Must-haves in your home work space

Work: Must-haves in your home work space

“Stay safe! Stay home!” These words have become well known to the whole world. Now that we cannot but stay home, for many homes it has become an office. Here are tips for COVID: Must-haves in your home workspace.

In this time that we are, there is a great need to quickly adapt and get used to the idea of working from home. There have been complaints from different people in different places about distractions, lack of motivation, ‘Junior’ scribbling on daddy’s presentation or typing sweet nonsense on mummy’s monitor, and the list goes on and on…

What if there are ways to make you feel more comfortable with working from home? Would that make you give us a “thank-you” virtual hug (#socialdistancing) after you are done reading this?

– An actual office space:

This doesn’t have to be elaborate like the one you have at your office but it should be somewhere that you have mapped out in your house that will be dedicated to work and work only. This helps you to focus and get your priorities right.

– Good lighting:

As much as possible, have a light that is bright enough to read lest you start appreciating how beautiful your bed is. You need to stay awake to get quality work done and good light contributes to achieving this well all the time.

– Timer:

Being at home gives a subtle aura of leisure and relaxation hence, it is easy to lose touch of time. So, whether you are working on a report, having a chat with a business partner, or replying to a sales executive from Credit Direct who just informed you that your loan application has been approved, a timer helps you stay on track and you find out that you have enough time left to rest and attend to other matters.

Everyone can lead from the position they are in and set an example to inspire others. No matter who you are, ensure to lead in your space, be creative, be spontaneous, be impulsive with responsibility. Get the most out of situations and resolve challenges as they come up.

– A desk and a chair:

Having this couple doesn’t just help condition your mind into work mode, it also leaves off a message to every member of your family that whenever you are seated on that chair, you have switched to the “Do not disturb” mode.

Working from home can be more efficient than you imagined, you only need to make it work.

We just saved your life and we did it with no collateral; like our loans.  What will you start doing today? Let us know in the comments.


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