How to save during a lockdown

Do you remember that popular song, “Enugbe, mo need owo”? ( It’s a Yoruba statement from Nigeria which means “I am cashless, I need money!”). This is a song normally sung by those who seem to have run out of cash, this, unfortunately, is the case for many people right now but we want to help you avoid being initiated into the ‘enugbe’ gang. Ride with us:

The golden question during a lockdown is how one can access emergency funds. And with these few tips, we hope that you will be able to save up enough funds to scale through a lockdown for as long as it might take.

1. Conduct an inspection!

Now dear Mr. or Madam Inspector, did you notice that you have been spending less on restaurants, your gym membership, movies, and trips to the mall? That extra cash should be going straight into your emergency piggybank because believe this – it will save your life!

In addition, check what you have at home, freezer, store, and pantry to see what you have so that you don’t end up buying what you already have. That is also some extra cash you could save, don’t you think?

2. Start a budget this lockdown

In building a budget, you are not only looking at what you are spending but you get to ask yourself if what you are about to spend is essential or just unnecessary. Those shoes you want to buy can hold on while you manage your old shoes because really, who cares about what you are wearing during a lockdown? That treadmill can be replaced with a jumping rope and an evening stroll. In all, you need to embrace the challenge of having to live off less (at least for now)

3. Apply for a Cash2Go loan by CDL

We understand that a lot of people might be reading this when it seems like it is too late. Well with Credit Direct Limited, all you get is peace of mind and of course, money in your pocket (wink). Give us a call today or simply send us a message to apply for our loan with no collateral.

In all, to save more money during a lockdown, Spending within your means is the keyword. Share with 3 people today to put a smile on their faces.


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