COVID-19: How to keep your kids engaged during self isolation

COVID-19 Isolation: How to keep your kids engaged during self isolation

Kids are one of the most lively, hyperactive bunch you would ever find in your lifetime. They are innocent, optimistic and really just want to do something – this tells us that as parents and guardians, it is up to us to properly help them channel their energy into productive activities during isolation and which benefit their physical, mental, and social health.

With almost every kid cooped up at home, it’s almost certain that they are restless and driving you up the wall. Don’t bundle them up in the back seat of that new car you just got, thanks to Credit Direct Loans, and drop them at the side of the road and zoom off, that’s breaking quarantine protocol. #staysafe.

Here is a list of things you can start doing today to engage your young ones during this isolation period.

  1. Create time to play with them

Activities like singing and dancing with your kids have over the years yielded tremendous results and one of them is that you are consciously helping them make lemonade when life throws them lemons. With the negativity going on and you as their parents constantly reminding them to wash and sanitize their hands regularly, playtime is a way to help them relax and stay away from the negativity flying all around the media and their environment.

2. Encourage them to start writing

This might not apply to younger toddlers because all they know at this point is to scribble. However, when writing isn’t possible, drawing/painting is. This way, you are building their mental health as you encourage them to express their mood or emotions daily.

3. Create talk sessions

Are you a busy mum/dad? Is your child an introvert? This is a perfect time to bond better with your kids. A lot of parents are shocked at what their kids go through at a young age when they finally get to talk. Bullying, verbal or sexual abuse are very common things that kids face and until they voice out, kids have evolved into knowing how to keep a lot of secrets.

4. Play monopoly and other games to keep their brains active

Yes, we know you cannot lock them up all week long with only books and DIY videos, you should also play games with them, play pianos and other board games to help build their brain and keep their minds active. Most of these games help them make good decisions in life. The monopoly is a good game in achieving this. You might want to adopt it.

Getting your kids to talk to you also strengthens your bond with them. Today, create an hour or two when the day is almost over and call your kids to yourself. Start talking first and then give them the stage thereafter and watch your kids become your new besties.

Kids are individuals too, you need them more than you know it to remind you of all the many opportunities you can take advantage of, isolation or not.

So, drop the car keys slowly and let us know if these helped in the comment section.


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