Tips on how employees can stay productive working from home

The COVID-19 outbreak has taken the world by storm. Some offices have shut down and employees have been directed to start working from home in some cases.

Here are some tips to ensure employees stay productive and maintain balance while working from home:

– *Set a schedule and stick to it*: Setting a schedule and sticking to it enables employees to know when to work and call it a day. This helps them to maintain work-life balance.

– *Set break reminders*: Set regular breaks to keep you energized and focused. This helps to improve your health and physical wellbeing.

– *Keep a dedicated office space*: Dedicate a desk and some peripherals only for work use while working from home.

– *Learn new skills*: This period is the best time to learn a new skill as you’re working right from the comfort of your home.

– *Take advantage of your perks*: Working from home has its unique perks as you have the time to make your favorite meals or a food you’ve been craving. Take advantage of them because you deserve it.

– *Stay focused and switch off distractions*: This might be difficult for most employees to do as working remotely comes with lots of distractions and this affects their productivity. So, try your best possible to stay focused and get rid of any form of distractions.

– *Have some social interaction*: Some of the problems of working remotely are isolation, loneliness, and disconnect especially in this COVID-19 pandemic period. But take out to FaceTime your colleagues, call your loved ones etc. Don’t let working remotely ruin your social life.


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