Time Management Tips for Every Employee

One of the most rewarding soft skills every employee should have is; Time Management. Missing deadlines, not meeting your KPIs, can be attributed to poor time management skills. Time management skills will take every employee far in life; both personal and professional.

It is crucial that every employee masters the art of time management in order to get more work done in less time.

Below are some techniques that could help every employee to effectively manage their time in order to boost their productivity at their workplace;

  1. Prioritize your tasks: There should be an effective communication between supervisors and their teams to help them attend to and complete tasks with the highest priority first. Priorities should align properly with the unit/department/division and company goals.
  • Delegate tasks: Delegating tasks is not only about assigning tasks, supervisors should always make sure to explain in details the job duties and responsibilities to their teams, provide every necessary resources, and monitor their progress. This process would help each employees reach their assigned goals.
  • Set goals: Employees should set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for themselves and timeline for the completion of each goals should be set. Your goals must be S.M.A.R.T, i.e., specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, time-bound.
  • Streamline: Supervisors should have a good rapport with their employees. Let there be regular discussions on how each employees can be more efficient in handling and carrying out their job descriptions/duties/responsibilities.
  • Take Rest Breaks: Every employee has his or her limits. Employees should take regular rest breaks whenever they feel tired or stressed.

In order to further optimize the performances of employees at their workplace, here are some time management tools employees can use;

  • Use Asana or Trello to manage and automate certain tasks
  • Set timers to remind you to take a break
  • Use a daily planner to create a schedule or a to-do list

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