Speaking the Language of Success: How we created a world class brand at Credit Direct

Speaking The Language of Success: How We Created A World Class Brand At Credit Direct Limited

In my opinion, French is arguably the most sensual language in history. The sheer finesse in the pronunciation of each word in the French language is amazing, the feel is exceptional and its very exciting to watch people speak it so fluently. The French accent is so distinct that it is not difficult to identify a Frenchman or woman when they speak. The exciting command and thought-provoking usage makes you just want to understand and learn how to speak French. The language is so versatile that its diction and words are borrowed by so many other languages. While French language appeals to the senses, it also comes with a powerful undertone that pulls you to any conversation when you hear it. In addition to all these qualities, the French language is also simple to learn and master. French language is among the most acceptable and most spoken language in the world. The French brand communicates confidence and an aura that inspires a lengthier conversation or relationship.


Credit Direct Limited, over the years can be said to have positioned herself as the French of the Consumer finance lending industry. We have brought out the best of the industry, setting the tone for new entrants and making the space very competitive. We created an industry that has over time served a lot of people who never believed it was possible to get prompt services and solve customers’ financial problems so rapidly and with the speed of light.

Our Language – “Sharp! Sharp!!” is simple, easy to remember and clearly understood by all our customers. When we first started, we gave the promise of getting loans within 24 hours when it sounded very unrealistic to a lot of people, but the doubts only made us more determined to succeed in this noble business journey. This we believe is one of the major strength of our business, the fact that we keep our word, we gave a promise and till date its remains our bond.

Our Simplicity – “No Collateral, No Guarantor, No Account opening, No pre-liquidation charges”. These are core promises we communicated to our customers. Although a lot of people thought it was impossible to lend on these terms, and we have proved that simple lending terms will always fare better than complex and strict lending terms. We introduced a different and simple approach to lending and today, it has become the gold standard in the alternative lending industry.

Our Undertone – “Speedy Funds, Convenient and Transparent” is direct and true to its promises. While the catchy phrase is being used loosely in financial parlance in recent times, many companies unfairly bury their additional charges when selling a loan to their customers. At Credit Direct, loans are delivered without any form of “Hidden Charges” which has endeared customers to us over time. We do not see customers as opportunities to exploit rather we see our customers as individuals to partner on a long and mutually beneficial financial journey by providing fast and reliable financial services at a fully disclosed fee.

Our Precision and Perfection in Service Delivery

All these “French” qualities in Credit Direct are the little things that sets us apart from our competitors. This differentiation can only continue to exist through precision and perfection in our individual and overall service delivery to our valued customers. Precision and perfection can only be achieved through innovative works directed at improving customer experience and satisfaction. An efficient lending platform, best in class talents with local and international experience, efficient and effective customer service, top of the range customer experience and above all a world class work environment. The average Credit Direct Staff takes each task with total dedication and focus to ensure the output is exceptional, little wonder how we have badged many awards including the Most Innovative Consumer Finance Lending Company of the year 2018 by Business Day and the Best Social Impact Finance Partner Nigeria 2019 by Capital Finance International. Awards befitting of a pace setter.

Ways we ensure we keep up the “French” in us at Credit Direct.

  1. The First step is employees’ sense of belonging to the company. Each staff possesses a deep sense of ownership and understanding of the business and of their responsibility. We have an “employee-owner” mindset, so we approach every task knowing we are working for individual and collective goals. This mindset helps us achieve more with less.
  2. Next step is handling issues/ Challenges professionally. Now this is our strongest point. Because we are in a service industry, we are aware that a lot of times there would be issues and challenges from customers and are therefore prepared to handle them with courtesy and strong promise of resolution. Where the promise has elapsed, we are on hand to ensure the issue is resolved, nonetheless. Our customers are our Kings, so we as Kingmakers ensure to treat our Kings nicely.
  3. Imbibing the Credit Direct culture. An average Credit Direct Staff is energetic, passionate, Caring, Trusting, Innovative, and a Team player.
  4. We perform our duties diligently- it is said that “a task done well 100 times becomes a habit” and habits requires little brain to execute. Efficiency and diligence have become our habit, and this helps us achieve a lot in terms of productivity.
  5. The fifth step is self- improvement- when you are happy with yourself, you are more productive at work and in your personal life, we create a robust work life balance for our staff with a top of the range relaxation lounge in the building and a complete gym for staff after work hours. We have built a team of healthy workforce that are ready and eager to do more anytime when called upon.


We are passionate about our customers, so we ensure to do the following

Complete disclosure to customers – When it comes to customers, there is no such thing as over-communication for us, we thrive on giving our customers the most up to date information on their loans and investments, with this, we keep them fully abreast of what is going on, what is new and what would soon change.  The amount of communication is not so imperative as the timeliness, its context, and its ability to clearly identify the value addition to the client. In a world of constant connectivity, your ability to cut through the flood of subpar information with quality and timely answers goes a long way.

Foster Service Culture – built on elements of leadership principles, norms, good work ethics, vision, mission and values. Culture is the set of overriding principles according to which management controls, maintains and develops the social process that manifests itself as delivery of service and gives value to customers. Once a superior service delivery system and a realistic service concept have been established, there is no other component so fundamental to the long-term success of a service organization as its culture.

Ensuring Service Quality– These includes strategies, processes and performance management systems. The strategy and process design are fundamental to the design of the overall service management model. Helping our customers meet their needs and supporting them in the pursuit of their overall Peace of Mind, is the foundation on which we thrive.

Customer Experience includes elements of customer intelligence, account management and continuous improvements. Perception is king and constantly evaluating how both customer and end-user perceive service delivery is important for our continuous collaboration. Successful service delivery works on the basis that our customers are a part of the creation and delivery of the service. This we ensure to do to keep our customer special.

Always remember that premium, precise and perfect service delivery is what a customer needs to stay with you, always give your best  and success will be at hand.

Joseph Osodi, writes in from the desk of the Head of Brand Marketing and Communications.

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