Develop a Saving Culture

  1. Set your Goals: At the beginning of each month, set your target savings goal and be clear with them, ensure to define the pathway to it. Be specific with timelines and ensure they are realistic in every sense of it. While there would be distractions everywhere, please ensure to be diligent with your set goals.
  2. Live within your Means: To achieve your goals, you must consistently work within your means, you have to track your spending and reduce unnecessary wastage. Reduce or where applicable stop impulse buying. Make a list of what you want to buy and at what time you would need it. Buy needs and not wants
  3. Stay Prudent: Save money every month, make it automatic, develop a saving culture and ensure to stay prudent.
  4. ATM cards MUST be used with caution- Be disciplined enough to know how to control yourself when it comes to spending on impulse. ATM cards can be a blessing and a curse at the same time, choose which you prefer.
  5. Make a Spend List: The best way to monitor your spending is to make a spend list, it is your guide and it would help direct your finances. Be prudent with it.
  6. Save always: A wise man once said before you buy an asset ensure you have at least 50% of the cost of that asset in savings this would help ensure you are stable to maintain it. Never be stranded while living in false luxuy.

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