Open Collaboration Meets Professionalism – A Tour of the CDL facility

Sequel to the official inauguration of our Corporate Head Head in Lagos, Tech Africa Team visited the office for a tour on the facility. They were introduced to different divisions and Units in the company including a visit to the Ladi Balogun Theatre. The facility has all the amenities of work space that encourages work life balance. A state of the art gym and relaxation lounge.

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Planning For Christmas Already? Starting Now Makes Sense.

It is barely 2 months to Christmas and yes it doesn’t look it now and the buzz and shopping activities would soon commence. Soon the fever of the holidays would creep in and the associated tendencies which includes display of holiday items, hike in prices of items and decorations would set in.

The time to prepare for the holiday season is now as the prices of items are still moderate and nothing much has affected it. It pays to begin organizing Christmas early, this helps you save money, time and gives you better options.

Monitor Holiday Decision-Making

Truth is the holiday spirit can be spectacular –and it would lead to spectacular thinking. Some people wait till the last minute, but the challenge is that the activities of the holiday season sweeps everything under the carpet and they end up spending so much for little available options.

At that point, whatever decision taken would be influenced by the tune of the season. This results in an unpleasant holiday experience.

Planning ahead gives you the control pad of your decisions and doesn’t put you in the “No sentimental buying zone”. You would conclude all purchase from a safe place. It is most advisable to shop early.

Decide first, celebrate later!

Cardlesss? No Spend Cash

Credit Cards usually gets the most swipes this season. Most families incur a lot of debts this period as buying decisions are swayed by last minute sentiment of the pressures of timelines. The need to focus on credits come in. it is most advisable to focus on Cash spend this period while you watch loop holes for wastages.

Creating a budget is essential to help you manage your cash flow as it reduces wastages and tracks excessive spending. You can also look out for seasonal discounts and sales.

Thoroughly Manage Gift Exchanges

Managing expectations is key during the season as growing families, economic situations and trends can signal a need to redefine gift exchanges. What happened last year is really not a benchmark for this year spend, while it can be a guide, we should also be careful not to be distracted by the need to overtly impress family and friends. Also, it is advisable to ensure we manage expectations of our families as it would unpleasant to show up on Christmas without gifts. You can substitute gifts with food and other low-cost items.

Reinvigorate the Family Traditions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … but not when it happens haphazardly! A disorganized Christmas celebration can leave out the most meaningful expressions of the season: family traditions.

Starting early on holiday plans and preparations helps to maintain seasonal traditions–not seasonal tasks–take center stage. You’ll have ample time to purchase movie tickets, throw a neighborhood BBQ and sit out for everyone, or go to the beach and walk on the sand while enjoying the breeze of the sea. This would help against getting caught in the euphoria of the season and loosing track of expenditures.

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