My NYSC Business Story

So I was a fresh graduate. I’m about going for NYSC and  needed to boost my employability rate. I really didn’t have the job experience expected, but while on campus, I contested for elections – and won, held leadership roles in my fellowship and department. Some months before I started my youth service, I applied for an internship position at many large organizations but got rejected. Reality dawned on me, I had few job options, it’s either I go for masters, a top up degree after service was over, run my own business or stay jobless.


During the first month of my service year (on camp), A lot of companies came to talk about their services and one of these was Empower the corps ( a product of Credit Direct Limited, (Nigeria’s Number Collateral free loans company) They give loan without collateral and they said they can help us run a small business during NYSC with a startup fund of up to 100k. Although the duration of the NYSC was one year, it didn’t matter much to me, I just wanted to gain some business experience, get me busy, increase my ability to get a job post-NYSC and increase my earning during my service year.


During SAED while on camp, I’d learnt how to make beautiful hair styles and give guys a very good haircut. 2 weeks post Camp at my PPA, I discussed with my hair specialist at home and became more acquainted with the business. All I needed now was a quick available cash to startup something at the Local Government I was posted to. I remembered Credit Direct LTD, called them (01-4482225) and was told to apply online.


As at the 3rd month, I applied for a loan online at attached all needed document and communicated with an agent. All this was done and completed online. Within a few hours, I got the “kpan kpan” on my phone. It was a credit alert from Empower The corps. My joy knew no bound. J J


I immediately called my hair specialist at home for support. He gave me some quick hints and …swoosh… I went into action. I got a small space close to the corpers lodged, bought a small generator of N11,000, a good electronic sterilizer to treat clippers after use and a comfortable revolving chair where customers will sit on. I got a good local carpenter to fix a table cabinet and chairs where other waiting customers can seat at an affordable price. I also bought a good standard mirror as well.


The returns per week was whao!! I was 3times richer that other corps member. I trained a few others and did a Free Hairdo Projects for Secondary School Students (FHPSSS) as a state project (this actually got a state recognition from the state government).

2 Years down the line, I currently work with a multinational firm and this was secured via a referral from that Hairdo community project I did. My business is still actively booming as I was able to fixup one of the community student to continue the business and I get weekly returns. All this thanks to Credit Direct for the sharp! sharp!! money I got.

I currently have a stable income job that I can use to get a pay-day loan at any time and a young booming business.


I’ll tell other corps members to be reminded that you don’t have to be a professional to start a business (might not be a barbing salon). You need the determination, learn a skill and don’t forget to have a mentor on that business to call on when advices are needed.


If you desire to a quick loan in the business, call Credit Direct 0700CREDITDIRECT or visit their website. Discuss with them and ensure you all agree all conclusions.

  1. Dolapo Balogun
    Dolapo Balogun says:

    Wow! interesting read, Credit Direct is really empowering our Corp members with capital,.Lack of this is why a lot of potential enterpreneurs don’t start businesses. More Corp members should be more aware of this opportunity.


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